Love this jacket (2022-10-14)
I received my jacket sooner than expected, shipping was quite fast.

The jacket itself is REALLY good. I wore it outside in 60 - 48 F ( 15.5 - 9 C) and it kept me quite warm, and even on a very windy day it kept the wind out really nicely.

The pockets are very large, I could easily fit my wallet into the top pockets with no fear of it falling out or poking out the top.

My cell phone easily fit into the bottom pockets. I can't emphasize how roomy the pockets are, and how much I appreciate that.

It looks fantastic. I actually took some photos from ~15 yards, and was pleasantly surprised at how well I blended in. It has a nice "heavy" feel - this is thick material. I would not wear it above 68 or so. But that is the time for a shirt, not a jacket :)

A really good jacket for outside adventures, hiking, camping, etc. Mine will see lots of use.

Collins - US
Very god looking, classy... (2021-09-29)
Ordered one... Very fast shipping... I love this jacket.. It looks great, very "gentle", could be worn anywhere, it's very stylish, still in Rhodesian bush stroke camp colors... Very nice piece...

Victor - Geneva Switzerland
Safari Jacket (2021-07-15)
Nice and BIG, lotz of room in the arms, which is what I like,I look really cool in my new safari jacket.BOBSYOURUNCLE, CHEERS

Byrnes - US

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