I love this jacket (2023-08-04)
Like the title says I love this thing. The only issue is the sizing. I am that weird size between a 42 and a 43.75, so I normally go up to 44. I was hoping that this would have room for layering underneath, but she's skin tight (not that I mind) especially around the neck when fully zipped. Kind of a minor complaint as I'm sure it will losen up over time. I have always been a fan of the TAP 47/56, so the pocket layout is familiar and I'm enjoying the extra napoleon pocket and the arm pocket is great. Would have liked a bigger arm pocket, but I'm nit picking at this point. Very well done.

Adam - United States
Excellent Jacket. (2022-08-01)
My jacket arrived today. The design, material and fit are excellent. (I bought a 38 small). I think the Rhodesian camouflage pattern reproduction is excellent. If you were to make the same jacket in French "Lizard" TAP 47/56 , (as distinct from Tap 47/52), they would sell like "hot cakes".
Well Done WPG.

Glyn - GB
Excellent !!! (2022-08-01)
My jacket arrived today. A superb garment. Well designed, perfect fit (38 small). Love the Rhodesian camouflage. If you were to make this jacket in the original French "Lizard" pattern TAP 47/56 (as distinct from the TAP 47/52) I would certainly purchase one.
Well done WPG great job ""

Glyn - UK

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