A Cracking Good Smock (2022-08-05)
When I was an army cadet in the early 80s a saw an old sweat wearing one of these smocks and wanted one ever since. When I found I could get this one I was a bit dubious, but since I'm very unlikely to ever find one for sale, let alone in my size I thought I'd give it a chance, and I'm really happy that I did. It's extremely comfortable. The construction is fantastic, it's a sturdy windproof cotton that feels stronger than the issue windproof smock, Once washed the colours are very close to the old pale DPM. One thing that you can't see in the photos is that there are fastens on the wrists, just as there should be. I've been wearing mine for country walks and have been stopped by a few people asking about it. I'll also be wearing it to cold war re-enactment events.

Paul - UK
Excellent (2022-01-03)
Really high quality,and accurate smock.I used to have an original,and this is spot on.Have two dpm now,and the og one. Hoping to see the 1960 pattern smock but in dpm,would defo be up for those as well if made.

bates - UK
UK Windproof Smock in DPM Camouflage (2021-12-17)
Superior quality, materials and price for a new manufacture smock. Fit is spot on and allows room for a sweater or jacket liner to be used if wanted. Camo pattern is excellent. Very pleased with customer service. Ordered the one in Green as well.

Pionteck - CA

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