Nice item (2023-05-16)
Good quality! Thanks

Schuelly - US
Great tie (2022-09-18)
OK, so it's long. It has to be to accommodate all of the plus size, big/tall fellas buying them. For us runts, the tail can be cut, reshaped or left blunt, and the fabric used to attach a keeper inside the blade (front part). Given the variations between WW2 manufacturers, it's spot on.
I'm going to try some Rit dye to make a black one (for Navy) and a chocolate or OD. They're made of natural fabric, so standard Rit, using their color charts, out to work, especially for the black.
I got a couple to experiment.

John - Calif
US Khaki Necktie (2021-08-12)
Thank You, fast shipping


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