Great, fast, efficient ! (2021-12-11)
Hello, Thank you very much.All perfect !
Best regards, ALAIN

Awesome pieces of kit! (2020-07-14)
These will be tracking through the desert just as soon as I can get out!

Boido - US
INCREDIBLE!!! (2018-11-29)
These are AMAZING.

I got them for off trail adventure hiking. I wear White's Boots, 12". I live in the Mojave Desert and everything out here is just plane nasty. Nylon won't work and canvas will fill with stickers.

Jerry is great. WPG is amazing. I absolutely love what they are doing. Their products are incredible. I wish their "about us" was more in-depth. I bought a WWI Mackinaw and it is freaking amazing!!!

I am having some issues with getting these sized right. I got size 1, too small. I got size 3, a bit big.

But it depends on pants, boots, what YOU are using. The measurement is the width of the puttee, not the length. So think 'around' your leg. Problem is, I don't know where the 'around' part is on the puttee.

What Price Glory - you are amazing. Please keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to get more stuff from y'all.

Mojave Ted - California, USA

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