Built to last (2023-01-20)
Recommended. Bought mine five years ago, have worn it a lot, and it is still smiling. Only just needed its first maintenance, a few stitches on a pocket corner (one to watch if you are tempted to overload the pockets). Fit: size M fits 42 chest. Wash: the first wool machine wash at 30C made the fit fractionally sloppier, but after that, washing did not affect the fit. In response to other comments here: no, please don't add sweaty acrylic to the mix to make the pullover more durable, no need, it is already almost bombproof. Yes, the pullover was whiffy at first, but not after two washes. No, the wool does not pill.

Frank - UK
Excellent (2022-04-13)
Great quality - only reservation is that they didn;t have my size available so had to go larger, but great item.

HEAVY & WARM (2022-03-09)
Really luv this sweater, it's big and heavy like a parka when you wear a thermal shirt under it. Just what is needed for a NJ WINTER. CHEERZ

Byrnes - US

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