Officer Tunic, Dark Shade (2015-04-20)
Very nicely done. This is my second tunic, plus two officer IKE jackets. Size 42 is the perfect fit for the tunic, with size 44 the perfect fit for the IKEs. Now, off to the base tailor shop to sew on the 8th AF patch, the officer sleeve bands, and then dry clean and press.

Ridosh, Mark L. - US
US Officer's Class A Tunic (Chocolate) (2015-04-17)
The fabric is perfect. The fast delivery, as usual, was astonishing. It seems to me that the cuff braid is a bit dark but other than that, the usual tailoring is required (just like WWII) the jacket is great...also matches the garrison cap perfectly that I purchased from WPG last year.

Reed - US
U.S. Army Officer Class A Tunic OD-Winter (2015-03-06)
This is my second OD Class A Officer tunic in Size 44R. Very good reproduction and good material. I should have ordered size 42R, as I must have some tailoring done here on the base in Korea. That's OK. The first tunic turned out perfectly. Jerry--congratulations on reproducing these hard to find items. I have two WPG Officer Ike Jackets in size 44R, one Officer B-13 jacket in size 44R and one Enlisted Ike Jacket in size 44R. These are beautifully done and fit perfectly. For perspective, if you fit well in these jackets in these sizes, you may wish to order Size 42R for the Class A tunic. BTW, as I am at an APO AP address, this order had to go through Jerry's shop first in Salinas, CA then to me. Still, very timely.

Mark L. Ridosh - US

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