high quality but jacket is short (2018-07-03)
very high quality and looks great but the jacket length is very short on larger sizes. Should be offered in long sizes or at least be longer as the jackets get bigger. If that is ever remedied I would definitely buy another jacket.

Paul - IL
Got mine (2018-05-23)
Mine came with the suspenders. They were in a separate bag from the pants & jacket (three clear plastic bags in the shipping bag).
What is the purpose of the flap thing at the bottom rear of the jacket?

bill - USA
Great Value (2018-04-01)
Great Value over all, the construction of the uniform is very good and true to the original and is made form good quality material. The print pattern is on the darker side and the pattern itself is closer to the latter pattern Tap 47/51 used in the Algerian war then Indodchina. But for the Price a great Value and must have hard to fine cammo, one other note this set dose not come with the Tap 47/51 pants suppenders.

Jim - US

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