US Breeches Khaki (2012-08-26)
Breeches cut quite large, ordered, and received a size 44, when I tried them on, they were cut quite large, they measured a generous size 48.
Very nice recreation, and well made

Pitts - US
Mr. (2012-08-24)
All the items are in Good quality and shipped very fast indeed.

Qiu - CN
US Breeches Khaki Cotton (2012-08-23)
Excellent bit if kit that otherwise is not available. Used these to replace my 1930s British Indian Army breeches that have finally worn out. Went for 36" when I'm more a 34" waist to give enough material to work with, actually a 34" would have had plenty of room. Have tailored them in to a trad British fit, best way of doing this is on the inseam, have also replaced the cotton strapping with full leather off my old ones. Would it be possible to produce these breeches without the knee strapping attached but (provided)to make final tailoring easier? With this style of traditonal breechs there is no way that one set of sizings can fit all. ALso giving the sizings including calf size and inside leg to the rear knee seam might help those used to this type of breeches pick the nearest fit from which to have tailored. You might well be able to market these and a wool version to the UK and US Foxhunting Market, there is a demand for them but no one makes them off the peg.Different market for you I know but I think there would be buyers if marketed properly.

Puckey - GB

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