P37 - Battledress Jacket review (2011-08-25)
The quality of the jacket was very good

Ella - GB
UK dattle dress jacket (2011-02-06)
good item and it fits fine !

Wassenaar - NL
Not Bad (2010-10-19)
I ordered this reproduction British Battle Jacket to replace my authentic one that I've had for years, because the latter is getting ragged from so much use. It's the second authentic Battle Jacket that I've worn out. This reproduction is better than the one I purchased (and returned) from a company on eBay, but it does not fit me quite right, so if I do not return it, I'll need to have it altered. The collar design is different from the one I own (I like my collar better), but otherwise, it matches the design closely. The wool is reasonably good quality (though not a gabardine weave, like mine, which drapes even better). One part that disappointed me is the buttons, which are too thin and cheap, but those can be replaced. Overall, not a bad reproduction.

King - US

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