UK P-37 Battledress Jackets (2010-01-27)
Excellent, in fact nothing I have bought from WPG has let me down...Reasonable price for quite a authentic reproduction....Great stuff and good fit!

Trueman - AU
Bob (2009-12-19)
I have been reenacting for 30 years and using original uniforms and equipment - I was always shy of repros - but now that original battle dress blouses runs in the $100's and don't fit right - I have purchased a repro - I put it next to the original and could not tell the difference - maybe the original material is a little heavier but not a big deal - I am sold on repros. Thanks and I cannot believe how fast is comes all the way from the middle east!

Tegart - US
Jacket (2009-12-12)
Very good reproduction


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