Runs just a little big (2020-08-16)
Otherwise great fit. Their exchange process was quick and simple and no restocking fee, though I did need to cover shipping.

Crane - US - California
The best there is (2020-08-13)
I ordered two shirts, and they're the best. The material is very light, but does seem like it should hold up to abuse. The colors are beautiful, and the pattern effectiveness should increase ten-fold upon fading.

Sizing is on the slim side, so get your measurements very precise or go up a size. The armholes are perfectly sized, allowing for full range of movement. The hem is a but shorted than I was expecting, but this shouldn't be much of an issue if worn with high-waist trousers.

Like I said, these really are the best you can find

Noah - US-TX
Amazed (2020-08-11)
Sized accurately, well made, great material. Been wearing to work and looks great with khaki pants. Thanks again Jerry!

Armbruster - US

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