Fast Service (2021-12-20)
Others have already said this. Regarding the post about odor. I am told the cases are made in India. Without knowing the tanning process and chemicals used, I'd suggest letting the case air out for a while so that any residual chemicals degass before leaving an optical instrument in it.

good (2021-12-12)
It was good because the goods were good and the delivery was fast.

Kim - KR
M17 bino case (2021-11-06)
I will also review these on my You-Tube channel once I get the chance! However in the mean time, I wanted to swap out an original case for a good reproduction to save the original getting beaten to hell and back! When I got was a very good looking case. All my sets of binos fit it perfectly, regardless of the manufacturer. Something that I wonder about when ordering it. There is nothing bad to say about them at all, the only thing that I could point out, is that the thin leather lining inside isn't stuck down to the shell in a few places and has some 'bubbles' to it. But, it honestly really doesn't matter and doesn't effect the usage at all.

Shipping was very fast... in fact faster than ordering things from inside the UK!

Dan - Miss Drop 44

Mackay - UK

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