Terrible Quality (2013-12-10)
Mine arrived an hour ago. As I tried them on, the leather tongue ripped. I''ve never actually seen leather rip like paper (until now). WPGs quality has always been hit-or-miss, and this is definitely a miss.

Robert - Illinois
M1917 Marching Shoes (without iron heels and hob nails) (2013-09-15)
These look really good with the leather putees. I also looked at the photos in Donald Smythe's book: "Guerrilla Warrior: The Early Life of John J. Pershing" and Clarence Clenendan's book: "Blood on The Border: The United States Army and Mexican Irregulars". I also, watched the movie: "They Came to Cordura" (again) on You Tube. These boots look like the real thing to me! I can't wait for the movie: "The Wild Bunch" to come back around, so I can check their authenticity.

Speer - US
M1917 marching shoes (2012-02-12)
After treating mine with before the event I wore mine in the all day rain at Newville in April. They were OUTSTANDING!

Tim - Lancaster PA

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