Excellent quality (2022-02-18)
It took me a few tries to get the sizing right on this shirt. My chest measures 47” and I ordered a size 46 based on my previous experience with the WPG KD Bush Jacket which I love, but that was sized to fit the morbidly obese in the waist and required extensive tailoring. The 46 shirt was way too tight and fit like something a 1970s stripper might have worn, so back it went.

I next ordered a size 50 expecting it to be a bit big, but thought that shrinkage would reduce it to the right size. After washing and drying the fit is ok, but it didn’t shrink as much as I had expected. It’s still wearable though and I’m keeping it anyway.

Third time lucky, or so they say, so I then ordered a size 48 (which I probably should have ordered to begin with), and after shrinking in the washer and dryer, the fit is excellent. Quality looks very good, and it is very heavy duty KD fabric, the same stuff as is in the bush jacket I believe. The collar points are a bit wonky as one pokes in and the other sticks out, but this is due to how the collar was sewn. They obviously started at one lapel point and stitched across the back to the other collar point, and when you construct a collar this way, this is what you get. In a properly tailored shirt you start at the centre back, and sew towards one collar point, then go back to the middle and sew towards the other collar point, and this problem won’t happen. You can fix this by starching the collar when you iron it however.

I like the look of a button up shirt, but never having had a pullover button up shirt before I had not realized how quick they were to put on and take off! The pockets are big enough to be useful, and look much better than the current trend for button closed shirt pockets on mens shirts to be tiny vestigial little things that are better suited to dainty women’s clothing than manly menswear. Very happy with this shirt.

Farries - CA
Super fast delivery (2021-03-21)
Great quality shirts!

McCourry - HK
Quality shirts (2020-12-25)
The shirts are very well made. Good stitching, strong fabric, high-quality product.

McCourry - HK

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