Damn Fine Gear (2021-08-16)
Purchased these for Tiki Oasis this summer. Belt was a little long, but tucked it in the band. Not as smug as some other commenters stated, but worked for me. Chicks dug ‘em, even the one that I was with. Paired well with my boondockers, daisy mae cap and the 1940’s pattern Avanti aloha shirt. Getting a pair of the Army style for next year. Keep up the good work. Almost forgot. I goofed and ordered two pairs. Called Jerry the next day and he took care of it like the professional that he is. Saved everyone lots of time.

Lamb - US
great shorts (2021-07-22)
ordered size larger. great shorts

dudrow - US
Short Shorts? (2021-11-07)
I wore my Dad's WWII PT shorts back in the 70s but "outgrew" them fast. Got these to swim in my pool, not walk the streets. Everyone comments on their truncated length but in my judgement the repros don't seem to be as brief as the originals. A welcome riposte to the imbecilic 3/4 "shorts" worn by the lowing herd.

DrO - US

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