1917 Fatigue trousers (2020-08-18)
They are perfect in every way but one; they don't have suspender buttons. My fault, they are not shown with suspender buttons in the photos, but in my imagination they were there. As denim trousers go, these are excellent. I didn't want mere "blue jeans" and these filled the bill. They fit, they're comfortable and they are "old timey" looking without being just a costume piece.

Haynes - US
Really fast delivery... (2020-04-28)
1st time customer and very happy with shipping times and quality of clothing.
The pants themselves look great and are true to size while allowing for shrinkage. Would prefer brace buttons over belt loops but an easy fix.

bar - US
Good Product (2020-04-15)
I am looking forward to using for living history.

Tuttle - US

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