Fast delivery. Conform with the detail and photos shown on the website. (2022-04-24)
At first I was feeling a bit anxious about this order but as many James Bond fans, could not afford to pay 500€ for a Npeal jumper.
It is not a cashmir woll for sure :-)
Meanwhile, all the sharp details are the same 1nd present, laces of the neck, canvas details around the cuffs, elbows and shoulders.
I am a 1m68 tall and 70kg and choose a S size.
Maybe an M size would have been more confortable, but the S is fit, sharp and anyway will stretch slightly with time.
Sorry for all the unhappy or angry customers who had troubles with their orders or expecting a commando pullover.
About commando pullover, I have a "Le Minor" they made commando jumper for the French navy , a Saint James or Armor Lux are less heavy and expensive, but all I wish to express is.
If you want a real commando and not a fair and honest replica of the Npeal, just buy one.
Don't expect to buy a real navy sailor commando with a Npeal neither.
It Merino, fashion and not made to attack a fortress...
I am pleased with this purchase and lucky cause it was delivered fast and got no problem with the manufacture and quality.

Rabiller - FR
Overall very happy. A great replica for a great price! (2022-02-28)
Fast Delivery, jumper is warm and appears very well made. Fits snugly and seems true to size listed.

1 small criticism. I ordered the “medium” on the site, but the one that arrived was marked with an “L”
Not sure if this is just a labelling miscommunication, as the jumper fitted as I expected and certainly wouldn’t want a smaller one.

Ryan - UK
Great Product - Fast Delivery (2022-02-25)
Highly recommended, good quality sweater, very similar to the one used in the movie.

oikawa - BR

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