Morphine Syrettes (2010-03-13)
We all know that the US had them in WW2, but I found out from the army medic museum in the UK, that these were used by the British army medics as well, so I ordered a few for my medkit. I received them within a few days (nice work WPG). The writing on the boxes were a bit smudged (is that deliberate?), but the syrettes themselves are excellent. Fantastic value for money and heartily recommended. Now if WPG could do the surgeons instrument roll.....?

Youngs - GB
Morphine Syrette (2010-03-04)
Great addition to my airborne kit!!!

Scarabino - US
re-enactor (2010-01-20)
Good reproduction, had to reglue the label on and the plastic needle cover was cracked both I believe were shipping damage related. The price was defenitely right.

Schuettpelz - US

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