Beautiful reproduction! (2008-09-08)
I received my syrettes and was eager to inspect their quality and level of detail.

Every syrette is induvidually placed in a yellow box which is true in detail to the boxes used during the war, with correct printing.

Taking out the syrette i was amazed by their look and level of detail. The body is made of solid metal with a label true to the ones used during the war. You also receive an extra label for each syrette which was nice incase you lose or damage the one on the body. A needle is attached from the body with a wire loop at the end and a guard. A clear plastic cap is placed over the needle securing it.

This syrette is an awsome reproduction of the ones used during the war and a must have for any reenactor, especially for people doing a medic impression. I highly recommend it!


Jensen - NORWAY

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