. (2014-11-16)
This was the 3rd liner I got from Jerry. I used this one to convert a Dispatch Rider's into a Mk.I Para fiber rim. The other two to replace the liner in a crappy repro (Not Jerry's) and to restore a Mk.II Para helmet w/ web chinstrap (cut third hole in back). So far as I have found, these are the best repro on the market and would recommend to anyone needing to restore or replace a liner in your Para helmet.

Mr (2014-04-06)
One issue, I had to re-shape the liner a bit as it had been knocked about in transit, due to being aluminium and being shipped in a plastic envelope with no padding or packing.

Still very happy with the way it looks and as this was part of my first ever order from WPG I'm happy with the prices and service. Thanks

Gunning - GB
den (2013-11-05)
great item a little work to get the straps to fit in but happy with it thanks

graham - AU

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