Great repro of a classic (2021-08-27)
I ordered the swimming pants/pt shorts on last minute, just days before a vacation to the french Atlantic.
The shipment arrived well in time ,about 3 days after ordering.

The shorts are of a good, heavy quality. And sit well above the belly button, just like they ought to. The legs are cut wide, so my thick thighs fit into them. Perfect shorts to hide a little „Bierbauch“ as we call it in Germany.
They make a hobbit look like a tall giant. Since they are really short, they show a lot of leg. If you are packing something bigger than 7cm in your navy combat diving shorts, I suggest you wear some quick drying briefs underneath it. Otherwise your best piece will come to show.

10/10 would recommend.
Yours sincerely,
Cpt. Jack Rivers

Cpt. Jack Rivers - Germany
Very nice shorts (2021-08-23)
They are very nice, I like the cut and the fabric.

Alvarez - IT
Damn Fine Gear (2021-08-16)
Purchased these for Tiki Oasis this summer. Belt was a little long, but tucked it in the band. Not as smug as some other commenters stated, but worked for me. Chicks dug ‘em, even the one that I was with. Paired well with my boondockers, daisy mae cap and the 1940’s pattern Avanti aloha shirt. Getting a pair of the Army style for next year. Keep up the good work. Almost forgot. I goofed and ordered two pairs. Called Jerry the next day and he took care of it like the professional that he is. Saved everyone lots of time.

Lamb - US

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