British F.S. Cap (2014-12-04)
It is exactly as advertised. Very good, thanks.

Scritchley - AU
officers service cap (2014-09-19)
This replaced a cap bit I had custom made, and it is a better match to my uniform and a better quality. Thank you!

Burt - US
British FS cap (2014-07-30)
I ordered this cap to suit a pilot in the Australian Flying Corps in WW1 and it fits the bill admirably. All I need now is a Sopwith Camel in No 3 Squadron colours. Be careful with sizes as my 58cms cap was way too small. WPC persevered and got their manufacturers to make me one in my size. This cap will go well with any WW1 pilot impression. If you are doing RFC then the GS buttons look good but for AFC you will need AMF buttons, either plaited leather or brass cheers Kim

kim - Melbourne, Australia

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