Superb Delivery, Nice Shorts (2021-05-06)
Impressed with the delivery speed. These are nice quality shorts. I agree with another reviewer that they could be less skirty at the bottom with a better cut, perhaps a higher cut like short-shorts or silkies?

Simon - UK
5 (2021-04-23)
Great customer service and high quality shorts.

Coppick - US
WOW !!! (2021-03-18)
Received these shorts, found size accurate. Strong elastic waistband, a loose fit around legs, medium size pocket on back on right. Fabric is superior grade, after 6 washings (I am really wearing these & watching for fading) still color fast. Pattern is noticeably accurate, WPG's offering of Rhodesian uniform items is refreshing !!! Great Job Jerry & Co. Oh, as usual super FAST shipping !!!

Hoffman - US

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