Great Boots (2021-09-05)
I am very happy with my first pattern jungle boots. So much so that I ordered a pair of the second pattern boots. When compared with my original third patterns and scores of internet images, these match up very well to the genuine article. I found no glaring faults, nor really any small ones. A previous gentleman had a complaint that the tell tale Vietnam era heel seam wasn’t present on these. At least some, if not all, first pattern boots lacked the heel seam. That appeared on the second type as far as I can tell. Anyway, thanks for a great pair of boots and the usual WPG superior service.

guthrie - US
First pattern jungle boots (2021-09-03)
Just received my second pair. Awesome quality. Have added leather foot bed and original mesh insoles. Look outstanding.

magreehan - UK
Super fast shipping (2021-08-20)
Boots are well made sizing is accurate and reasonably priced great to wear with first pattern jungles

Joe Philly pa - US

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