WW2 australian KD shir (2011-04-05)
Received this shirt in 3 days of booking! A record to Australia. his shirt is an excellent copy and well designed. Initially thoughtpockets not replace right if you look at WPG photo and shoulders looked odd, but no, the finished product is very good. Has side pieces cut out as per original so will need highwaisted trousers to suit.

kim - australia
KD Aust/NZ shirt (2011-04-04)
Best repo I have ever seen very close to the original 99% does nto get much better than that.

Howell - AU
Great Australian shirt (2011-04-01)
Very happy with this shirt is all respects. It is long overdue in the reenacting scene. I hope that Australian pattern jungle trousers will soon follow.

Tim - Australia

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