Wow! (2011-03-31)
After YEARS of begging and waiting for somebody to correctly reproduce these shirts Jerry comes through and fulfills my need. Now that I have this final piece to complete my impression I have achieved reenacting Nirvana, and I have become one with the all.

To honor the occasion I have written a sutra:

Here is, monks, an Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirt. If there were not that shirt, there would not be the case of emancipation from the shirt. But precisely because there is a shirt, emancipation from the shirt is discerned.

McNamara - US
Australian Tropical Shirt (2011-03-30)

You've done it again. This shirt is AWESOME. Excellent KD material, perfect sizing, and wonderfully correct ANZAC style shirt buttons. Well done.

Bill Wisher

Bill Wisher - US

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