Excellent (2017-07-18)
These are the best British denims on the market to my mind, the colour match to the originals is just right and they fit nicely too.

Adams - UK
Great value (2017-07-06)
Got healthy and lost lots of weight so had to order smaller denim trousers. Measured my waist and ordered what I considered the correct waist size. These new ones fit perfectly. As usual, WPG continues to do a great job with quality products at a fair price, and superior customer service. I've never had an issue except one I created by ordering the wrong size and WPG took care of that with an incredibly easy return and re-ship process. No use to look anywhere else for your historical clothing & gear. These guys can't be beat.

Michael - US
wpg delivers. (2017-06-14)
as commented by others, technicaly it's not denim trousers. but cut and color is great. will be using these for my walks in the forest.

herodes - SE

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