Fantastic Reproduction (2019-05-04)
This is probably the best reproduction US Service Coat available. The wool is excellent in terms of color, weight and weave. Fit is great although I'd personally like it better if it was a little bit longer (but look at the originals and also in photos of how they fit) but this looks great. Sleeve length is good. Size is otherwise spot on.

Amazed (2019-04-16)
uniform is great. As always fast delivery!

McGaughan - US
Great 1912 Pattern Coat! (2019-04-03)
I bought this to use during events so the original can stay safely on display and all I can say is awesome! The only thing different comparing this beautiful reproduction to my original is that the original did not have shoulder pads sewn into it. once they were removed it fit and looks exactly like the original. I would quickly and readily recommend this product!

John K. - US

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