Great USMC Uniform. (2017-03-29)
The blouse and the pants are quite good. Very close to originals. Superb reproductions of the 1912 USMC uniform! And the price is right, too. I wish the proper buttons were already sewn on the coat, though. I admit to being lazy....

Burduck - US
Excellent P1912 Tunic (2016-12-13)
The USMC P1912 tunic is fantastic! It is made of heavy, quality wool and the construction is very solid. The lining inside is very well done. I was concerned about the sizing as some other manufacturers tend to make things with T-Rex arms. Not the case here. I am 6' 1" and 165 lbs (tall and skinny) and normally wear a 16 x 35 shirt. After talking with Jerry, I went with the 42 and it fits great!!! The chest and shoulders are where they should be and the arm length is great. This is with a long sleeve shirt on underneath. The only thing I'll need to do is have the sides/midsection taken in a bit and I'll be good to go. These are very well made and at a great price. Go ahead and order one as you'll be glad you did!

Jon - MO/US
Impressed (2016-08-04)
I just picked up a set of Jerry Lee's What Price Glory's WWI USMC P1912 Winter Service Uniform (Coat) and I have to say that they're as close as you're going to get to the originals and they're pretty damn close and spot on and worth the price (the price was very reasonable) and my hats off to Jerry Lee for cranking these out.

Girard - US

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