M1910 Khaki Leggins (2018-02-19)
WPG is the only source that I know of for the khaki M1910. I have the pea green M1910s that I wear with my USMC impression. I need these, however, for my M1912 khaki summer uniform. I ordered a size "3" because I generally wear a 16 - 17" calf diameter. The size three (stamped as such) was easily 9" across. I had to return them, because they slid down my legs. I haven't got the replacements yet. I asked Wajed to measure them, just to be sure.

Speer - US
very fast delivery (2018-01-26)
Well made, perfect color, material, well done in every way, attention to detail down to the inner ties.

soileau - US

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