M1938 Raincoat (2020-07-29)
Coat is heavy and stiff, probably the cause of glue failures. Customer services has been outstanding in regards. Nice coat and color though.

Spellman - US
Accurate But Stiff (2020-01-11)
Ordered a large long because it was the only size close to what I wear. Normally wear a 40R. A little too large, but I needed it for an Immersion tactical. Very stiff. Will have to figure out how to get it more playable.

Brent - US
Great buy (2019-11-04)
Looks of the coat are great. Think about 90% is alike to the original ones. This one is really stiff. Hope it will get a little more pliable by wearing. Hope the sealings will hold. Otherwise looks like a good quality item that will hold me dry in rainy event conditions.

Jorg - NL

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