Fine Quality & Extremely Quick Shipping (2020-11-28)
The trousers are of excellent quality & are very comfortable. Would highly recommend!

Murphy - IE
Comfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2020-11-02)
No kidding, these are the coolest pants I've ever worn. Very comfortable and roomy. Also there are slots for drawstrings at the bottom of the leg, so if the legs are too long you can run elastic cord or shoelaces through them and make BDU-style pantlegs. You'll need a coat hanger or thick wire, some electrical tape, and whatever you want to use: shoelaces or elastic shock cord or whatever. Tape the end of the wire to the end of the cord and run it through. I intentionally got pants that were too big, and I wear them like sweatpants and they are VERY comfortable.

Jacobus Piepus - US
Fast Delivery (2020-10-20)
Only thing was that the Trouser length was/is a bit on the long size , but as I intend to elasticate the cuffs not too much of a problem.

Tuckey - NZ

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