Great Item (2018-08-15)
As always, very pleased with WPG items over the many years. The tunic is great, and I'm glad the epaulets were sewn down as they were designed for pin-back rank, not the modern clutch-back rank. Maybe a note to this effect in the product description would help. Also glad the buttons were sewn on. Was surprised the shipping bag made it intact as it was pretty thin

Winslow - US
awesome Jacket (2018-06-05)
Great product, can't wait to get the US Army Officer 4-Pocket Class A Dress Tunic to a tailor and add all the awards, patches etc...

Formaro - US
Excellent (2018-03-07)
thanks so much! Excellent tunic. I got it quicker than a letter priority post from Tennessee. How is that possible!!!? Lol. Thanks again!


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