Overcoat (2018-12-27)
Great overcoat, looks identical to my sons original just 5 times bigger and it has brass buttons.
Ordered my size and it fits just right.
Thanks for making the larger sizes.

PB - Uk
Best yet (2018-11-02)
I bought mine last summer. The buttons sucked but after replacing them with original 1940 buttons the coat is dead perfect. Placed side by side with an original 1940 issue coat it cannot be made out as a repro. GREAT WORK JERRY!!

Ray - Kentucky USA
Just shy of perfection, but more than sufficient. (2018-10-23)

I must say that it's a very well made and comfortable repro, but it falls short in only one respect, that being the color of the wool being too light a shade for average issue.

I would point out to anyone who may look on this as a reason to not purchase one, to reconsider, as you probably won't find one in,
"hero" sizes over 44R, the color difference is only marginal and intilectual fortitude doesn't keep you warm.

I consider this a worth while purchase.

Ready - US

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