Fairly Good (2015-11-12)
These gloves are probably some of the warmest have ever worn. They will keep your hands warm and dry in the coldest and most wet conditions New England weather can throw at you. The only bad thing i found about them is that within hours of really putting them to the test, some of the seems on the fingers began to tare open. Now the sides of my gloves have a few holes in them, though this does reduce their warming properties a bit. It's nothing that a good needle and thread couldn't fix.
Just a fare warning.

Tyler - New Hampshire
Needed another pair (2015-04-05)
Bought a pair a few years back, sol them, regretted it, so bought another pair, A+ quality

Nappi - US
Mr (2015-02-01)
I love the gloves, they are everything as described. The service was great also

Franklin - AU

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