Great work ! (2017-05-07)
The puttees are very high quality. Once dyed cordovan, they look exactly like examples from the time period. One suggestion - list the size range they will cover. My pair fit well, but I could have gone 1 size down.

Freeman - US
Just what the doctor ordered! (2017-04-17)

The order got here on the 12th, intact. The leggings were just what I needed and I have been working with them to oil them up and soften them. So far, they have taken 4 coats of Lexol, an American brand of Leather Conditioner. At $20.00 American per liter it is relatively expensive but it does the trick. I use it on ALL my leather goods, saddles, boots, shoes, motorcycle saddlebags, just about anything that needs conditioning or softening.
I do need to warn you though, the leggings came in and were VERY dry. That's why they are taking so much Lexol. You might want to think about letting them breathe a bit and not sucking all the moisture out of the air in the bags.

Dorsey - US
Fast delivery of robust gaiters (2017-01-15)
These are ideal for game shooting and beating through thorns and brambles in the UK. I've been looking for something like these for years. Fast delivery.

Winchester - UK

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