CARE!! Low Waist Alert! (2011-07-12)
These shorts are made well but two points: The length from waist band to crotch is too short so it will clearly show the top of your 'crevice of doom'... The size description said "36-38" but the packet just says "36" which is, in fact, what they are: not 36-38. As as result they are a bit tight in the buttock arena and almost unusable when taking into account the low waist. Shame as otherwise superb. I have bought trousers from WPG and they've been the right size and perfect so perhaps this is the one rare product where the manufacturers need to get their tape measure out again and check the originals. "Oh hey, Gene! It's 36 INCHES not CENTIMETRES!" Now I've worn them in 'anger' I can't return them and can't justify the 38's... Oh well.

Gray - GB
PT shorts (2011-06-02)
I can't wait to my next event and go run around camp in the morning in my PT shorts.

Giovanna - US
Good Job (2011-05-11)
I have been looking for quality British PT gear, and I have found it. Now who whats to get up a game of footy?

Bush - US

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