UK WWI Style Water Bottle (2015-12-30)
Very glad to find the correct type of water bottle for WWI. The cork fits well and kept the water contained even through assaults on the German trenches. I now have two of these.

Brent - Ohio, USA
Water Bottle WWI (2015-12-21)
Dear WPG,

Fabulous service unexpectedly fast delivery, high quality product.
Positive reaction from others.

Price - IE
UK Mk VI Water Bottles (Blue) (2015-05-01)
Purchased on Monday and received 4 days later. As noted by others, it's a very tight fit in the 1903 webbing, and the cork is oversized. Stitching is flawless. Blue enamel is much darker than originals I have seen. Overall, very happy with the product & the service.

Armitage - AU

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