Very nice jacket (2015-12-29)
Jacket fits very well and shipping was prompt.

Horwath - US
Waz, I'll second Sh (2015-11-30)
Waz, I'll second Shoe's cmmneot about a powerfully-written article. Emphaises the advice given to new writers write about what you know . From my recollection of uni life in the 70s, college life was grossly misogynist at Johns, Pauls and Andrews and only slightly less so at Wesley which was co-ed and probably still is. For me it was always a class thing. College life was, and probably still is, again, for students with wealthy parents or yokels from the bush whose parents owned massive sheep stations and for whom a little more debt for fees was a pimple on a watermelon. To be sure these chaps and chapettes were not all troglodyte arsehats, but quite a few were. I couldn't see the point of paying exhorbitant fees to eat institutional food, be bound by stupid, restrictive rules that were applied partially, be terrorised and buggered by yobbos, keep unsustainable hours and hang around with people with an IQ roughly equivalent to their shoe size.I learnt quite a lot of big life lessons in shared houses the best of which was a place I stayed for three years in Annandale. Janice, if you're out there, bless you, you were the best landlady in the universe. Janice and George used to feed us when we were short of a quid and George taught me how to create that culinary wonder staple dish Spag Bol. They used to shout us seats at the movies and drive us there in George's old VW. Now, compared with college life, wasn't that a life enhancing accommodation ?

Gabriel - JeBBzpWML
Positive Feedback (2015-11-24)
Very Nice Well made A +++++++++++++++

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