US M1887 Trouser Suspenders (2018-09-13)
All items I ordered arrived very quickly. I had to return a couple of items for size exchange but assistance and direction was fast and professional from WPG. Very happy with all my items.
The suspenders are spot on and are great for Span-Am as well as WW1.

Jim - US
Model 1887 U.S. Army Trouser Suspenders (2018-08-09)
Once again, thank you Jerry for making this detailed piece of apparel. I own the model 1908 trousers. These are essential for wearing both the 1908 and 1902 trousers. You are very astute at filling the gaps in history that other outfitters have skipped. We should never forget the contributions of great men such as Wesley Merritt, Leonard Wood, and Walter Reed. Without their contributions to history the Philippines would be just another Vietnam.

Speer - US
missing link (2018-04-22)
This is the missing element of any span am impression over the years. Thank you for reproducing these. buckles & webbing spot on. price very fair.

Jeff - Minnesota

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