Very Pleased with Quality (2020-10-19)
Trouser fits very well, better than early FFV that I purchased a couple of years ago. Everything looks very professional and should last. Also thanks for helping me track down the shipment and break loose the 'log jam'.

Rhodie Trousers (2020-10-15)
Y'all hit this one out of the park. They remind me of an original pair I had decades ago. They fit great! As was mentioned in another review the button holes weren't completely opened, but a seam ripper does a good job to fix it.

Craig - US
Great trousers (2020-10-14)
I was very worried ordering this because of sizing. I chose to play it safe and order a size or two larger than I normally order as I am quite overweight.

The waist is a bit loose while the butt and legs are perfect sizing for me. My only complain was that the buttons can sometimes be hard to do up / undo. But after some use it becomes easier and easier.

Taine - Hong Kong

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