head comforters (2009-03-23)
excellent service,very happy with this purchase will shop with your store again.

wood - UK
Cap comforter (2009-03-21)
on arrival, I admit it did take me a minute to opperate properly, but I quickly got the hang of it. But it does work well and warm.

Two things though. even on me who has a small head, it was a little tight. The fabric will probably stretch out though. also as others have said, it looks a little light, but I don''t have an original to compare it to so its no big deal really. All in all I like it and worth every penny. It will serve me well in the trenches.

Indiana - U.S
Comforter (2009-03-17)
Good fabrics. The colour is a bit to light though. Overal the best choice for the re-enactor who wants to save the genuine cap comforters!

Kenneth - BELGIUM

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