Fast Delivery (2017-01-10)
These are very well made and very handy to strap on while only wearing jodhpur or paddock boots. I used a similar pair in the 1950's and 60's that had belonged to my grandfather. I doubt I will ever gall my calf with a stirrup strap again.

Collins - US
Above average quality and fast shipping (2016-06-23)
Saw these on WPG web-site.. Fair pricing, seems I placed order on a Friday and they were in my mailbox on Tuesday...Amazed at the quality, close your eyes and put up to your nose and you feel like you are walking thru a South Texas Saddle factory....Real leather, great smell. Per directions, measure your calf, use that measurement, no need to order next size up as adjustment will loosen OK, just not tighten.. Caution, oil before handling very much with extra virgin olive oil or the Fiebling's.. No petroleum based (Neats Foot ) oil should ever be used on quality leather

Bradshaw - US
Come to find out, they're stylish! (2016-03-28)
I saw these and found them interesting. A novel solution to high boot. I wear them with my Justiin plain westerns & laceups, as as well with my Type II service shoes. Worn then all winter- not waterproof obviously, but they are handy around snow and mud. Got a lot of complements and questions when I first stated wearing them. This winter it seems to be the style to keep the pant legs tucked in the boots in the country- another plus. Probably look better to most worn incorrectly with the straps and buckles on the outside than the correct way in the front. When my brother-law saw then, he noted I'd gotten a pair of snake chaps. Authenticity need not be a big worry, as most of these were purchased privately by officers. 5 stars for fit, quality. compared to a pair of originals, not as stiff and more comfortable

Dennis - US. KY

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