7 jscottish jackets (2015-11-22)
nice items and good deal.

Scottish Officer Barathea Wool SD Jacket (2015-09-29)
First of all, this is a great repro, you won't get better at the price, if at all. The cloth is very good as is the pattern. Sizing; I have a big chest compared to my waist (40"CH, 30"W)so I had to take my tunic in. If you are of a more standard modern size (40"CH, 36"W) you will be fine. If you have a larger waist consider a bigger chest size. Please measure yourself and be honest (costumers want to know what size you ARE not what clothes you buy!. I worked professionally as a costumer for 20 years and another 10+ years for a laugh so I know what I'm talking about!

Perry - UK
WW2 Scottish Cutaway jacket (2015-06-19)
Thinner material than the originals but given how difficult it is to find an original in a large size then these are perfectly acceptable.

United Kingdom - Edinburgh

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