Aertex BD package (2010-02-07)
Great KD starter package, after a few sweaty summer airsoft skirmishes and long soaks in the bucket they look battleworn and feel just right to wear. I bought the trousers an inch or two up and they have shrunk down nicely at the waist from a couple hot soaks, but are still nice and baggy like you want them. The jacket I also bought slightly oversize, leaving it nice and breezy for a hot day, or accommodating when you want to wear a sweater underneath.

Dan - New Zealand
Airtex Blouse (2009-10-08)
Good quality but fit of Blouse is strange, wear a 44, took a 46 and sleeves and shoulders rather tight, also waist band is placed too low, blouse cut too long.

Trusers perfect fit

Pace - MT
UK aertex battledress khaki (2009-09-28)
very nice unifiorm,fit's fine !fast shipment! great buy!! love doing business with WPG!!

duysters - BE

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