Amazing (2016-05-16)
Can't help but continue to be impressed with not only the quality and accuracy of WPG products but the speed of delivery, and the M17 case is no acception. Placed side by side to my original, only wear and age is the tell-tale difference.

Derby - UK
Speedy delivery, no problems (2016-04-18)
I purchased 2 of these M17 cases for my M3 binoculars after trying in vain to obtain decent original cases via Ebay etc. Frankly they are really very good quality repros. Once they are 'worn in' a little I think you would be hard put to tell they are not originals.

Bristow - UK
3 (2015-10-11)
Overall it is a fair piece. the stitching on the top was not neat and there is a mis-strike where a hole was made and another next to it. this was made where the wide leather loop is attached. I was able to use the strap to complete an original case and will keep this for parts

anoia - US

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