Nice Piece of Kit (2018-04-04)
Used for eating chow in the field during re-enactments. Ordering was easy, delivery quick and product looks great.
Nice work Jerry!

McCabe - US
Great Product & Customer Service (2018-04-03)
The people at WPG have fantastic customer service. It is almost as if they are loading the items you are ordering in the shipping box while you are still selecting it on the computer. I have purchased many items in the past that I have used doing ceremonies for the National Park Service. Always very authentic and great quality.

stallings - US
Fast Delivery (2017-08-23)
Good item, it was a bit dirty on the inside with finger prints from the person that fabricated it, would be nice if it was cleaned prior to shipping. I will have to do some work with the button on the canvas cover, it is sewn too tightly on and very difficult to release through the button hole. The brass button itself is actually a bit to sharp-edges and tore through the threading around the button hole. I may find a better button to replace the original one.

Corsetti - CA

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