US M1911 Leather Puttees (2015-11-07)
Great fit, and look like they'll be serviceable in the field. Match the color to my marching shoes and I'm think they'll look outstanding.

Foster - US
5 (2015-11-06)
Great item. Well made and fit perfect. I was a little confused on what to measure(around or length of calf) but I measured around my calf and that was correct.
Thank you

Murphy - US
Perfect (2015-04-05)
They botched the size big time on the first set I received, but Jerry was quick to fix it and my proper size arrived quickly. Once fitted, the straps can't really be tightened so to say, but they can be loosened a bit. Over all the leggings fit really well and after a few coats of Fiebings med. brown they matched up with my farm shoes perfect. I'm sure I'll get a lifetime of use out of 'em.

Ellis - VA

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