Extremely fast delivery, high qualify (2020-05-16)
Thanks so much! Best price and quality on the planet for this uniform!

Nagy - HU
Great (2020-05-11)
Great piece of garment, washed it a couple of times, and it looks battle worn and authentic. Nice quality. Superfast delivery.

Jesper - Denmark
Well... (2020-05-06)
I wanted to love this set but there's definitely good and bad here. First off the good: the colour is amazing as is the weight. As some have commented, the brown and green are reversed but I have seen some that do have this variation (even some with the same colours of the 47/54). The weight is also good. The buttons are good as well. The snaps are also close to original and the sleeves are thankfully actually longer than original so they are wearable. Customer service is wonderful as well. I ordered pants two sizes up as some reviews recommended but still too small. Customer service was lovely and are sending me a new pair.
The bad: Perhaps I got a bunk jacket as the reviews have all been super positive. The sewing is very inconsistent. A lot of the main seams are very well done except the left hand side of the zipper. That was fraying straight out of the package and the zippers....well, they are awful. I certainly don't trust them to last as they feel like breaking with every zip. Also the top two snaps on the lobster tail are the only ones that actually work. The other two sets refuse to snap properly. Also several in the pockets and the front lobster tail attachment area are fraying as well. Also the underarm grommets are only three. My original jackets have four.
I'm giving four stars because the pants were wonderful despite the size and for the customer service. The jacket is nice, but could definitely be done way better.

Adam - Virginia

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